FridaFreda | The Divine Feminine:

Conversation Seven

From March to May 2014, ReciclaGEM had the honor of traveling to Melbourne, Australia to collaborate with photographer Katherine Soutar on FridaFreda, a collaborative fashion photography series that explores female power through fantastical portraits and recycled garment narratives. These portraits will be revealed in an exhibition in March 2015 during Women’s History Month. But before we explore these photos, ReciclaGEM will set the stage with our Spring 2015 to explore femininity from the context of the Divine Feminine, the spark that started it all.
Our Spring 2015 Collection, FridaFreda I: The Divine Feminine, will explore the divine feminine principle, also known as the “seed of inspiration” in all of us. The Shakti principle. The models of these garments will embody the literal seed of inspiration through which the FridaFreda photo series can be explored and understood.
The silhouettes further are inspired by a fusion of two women whom are the spark of inspiration behind the project series’s name- Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker (aka. Freda)- and thus this collection is an embodiment of the inspiration they spark creatively in so many.
The beginnings of the collection were previewed this past Saturday November 22nd. Check out our facebook page and instagram for some of the images. The full collection will be released February 2015. Details can be found under the page “Encounters.”


Bricolage: Conversation Six


This Fall 2014 conversation explores overconsumption and hybrid activism through the artistic movements of Afro Futurism and bricolage. Inspired by fine art animation, “The End of eating Everything,” created by contemporary Wangechi Mutu, and the larger artistic movement of Afro Futurism, “Bricolage” explores the ways in which we can face our potential post apocalyptic futures, futures of overconsumption and social anxieties, in a way that patches together what we have at our disposal. Instead of finding solutions in newness, how can we artfully use what we have to craft a sustainable and balanced future? The textiles are constructed with recycled hemp, recycled PET, earth dyes, custom digital prints, and repurposed clothing and constructed for inspiring a new approach to environmental and social activism that seeks to creatively re-create a hybrid of strategies in the face of past global choices, present realities, and an inspired and artfully repurposed future.

Photography by Dani Grant

Production by the Gallatin Fashion Show

ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_1 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_2 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_3 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_4 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_5 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_6 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_7 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_8 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_9 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_10 ReciclaGEM_Bricolage_11

Sin Maíz No Hay Vida: Conversation Five


This Spring 2014 conversation is a continuation of a conversation begun last month in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, México, amongst a group of artists, activists, and scholars from throughout the Americas, using the vocabulary of the carnivalesque to protest the potential infiltration of genetically modified (GM) corn in Mexico. There are seven pieces of vitality in honor of the ancient environmental philosophy of maintaining the planet, a planet without deadly chemicals, a planet without GMs, a planet with which we are able to sustain life, for not only for this generation and the subsequent seven.

Sin Maíz No Hay Vida” means “without corn there is no life”- so let’s create fashion and a world of vitality.

For more info: or read this blog post.

Event: Fair Fashion Runway, sponsored by the New York Fair Trade Coalition and

Photos: Stephen Elliot and Galo Delgado | Makeup: Lacey Elliot | Hair: Char | Jewelry: Natalie Frigo | Makeup Sponsor: The Body Shop | Location: Wix Lounge

ReciclaGEMSpring2014_SinMaiz_Look2 ReciclaGEMSpring2014_SinMaiz_Look3  ReciclaGEM_Spring2014_Look4_Galo Delgado ReciclaGEMSpring2014_SinMaiz_Look5 1186114_594833897228899_447071314_n  ReciclaGEMSpring2014_SinMaiz_Look7


Syncretism: Conversation Four

This Fall 2013 “conversation” pulls inspiration from diasporic syncretic religiosity, Afro-Brazilian Candomblé and will represent a hybrid of aesthetic forms. The goal of this conversation is to demonstrate the ability for ethical fashion to be performative and vibrant, even its subtleties. Unlike previous conversations, which privileged high impact and visually arresting color combinations, this conversation demonstrates how performative high energy clothing can be achieved without the environmental waste of high contrast colors, introducing an aesthetic where dimensional earth tones can co-exist in a beautifully syncretic fashion aesthetic. Created from recycled hemp, recycled cotton, and the quintessentially reclaimed clothing fiber, Syncretism will bring forth a sartorially performative vision of the human body as an intimate partner to nature, instead of its antagonist. The proposition,” If the human body could function more as a tree…” will be made manifest on April 20th, 2013.

Photos by Reynaldo Osoria, featuring Atelier ReciclaGEM, Jewelry by Yumnah Najah Designs and Katra Awad, and 13 syncretically magnitizing models.


ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look2 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look3 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look4 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look5 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look6 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look7 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look8 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look9 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look10 ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look11  ReciclaGEM_Syncretism_Look13


Amoeba Psychedelic (AMP): Conversation Three

Amoeba Psychedelic by ReciclaGEM channels the counterculture
movements, where amplified musicality and psychedelic colors, the
sinuosity of art nouveau, and the communal aura of social justice and
free love reigned supreme. This collection features rhythmic princess
lines, free love frocks, and psychedelic yokes, created from surplus
textiles, natural dyes, and recycled hemp fabrics, infused with
colors, textures, and pattern cuts that bring form and fashion to the
aesthetic soundtrack to revolution.

This Spring 2013 conversation, to be presented at Musicouture, curated
by Gallatin Fashion Show, will feature the amplified colors and
textures of ReciclaGEM’s Amoeba Psychedelic paired with Zuzuka
Poderosa, Brazilian funk, and other high- energy prints that
encapsulate the revolutionary zeitgeist of hemispheric American
counterculture aesthetics.

AMP it up with us.

(Full Collection Photos Forthcoming: In the meantime, check out this review!)




Photo Credit: Mathieu_Asselin

Photo Credit: Mathieu_Asselin

Photo Source: NYU Local

photo(3)photo(15) photo(16)


Occupy 54: Conversation Two

This conversation channels my experience and connection to 9/11 and the Occupy Movement into my pieces. Every article presented in this conversation creatively spells out what it means to be American. Materials consist of but are not limited to lace, recycled clothing donations, hemp fabrics, and ink jet printed organic cotton, Our custom jewelry (gems) are made from lentils, qunoa, barley seeds and other gems from the earth, and recycled metals. All articles are one of  a kind conversation pieces that engage America in re-defining itself. America equals diversity, a merge of the world in one, the colors, textiles and materials used in this conversation expound upon this idea of embracing oneness, and protection of that which is sacred, our environment and our diversity. This conversation which I have chosen to call Occupy 54, reflects a merge of Occupy Wall Street meets Studio54; A daring and conscientious mix of recycled fabulousity for one mind, and all people.




12-IMG_2279 DSC_0040bDSC_0107a 01-img_22061.jpg DSC_0012 DSC_0022 ReciclaGEM_Occupy54_Office

A Few New Imagens | A Few New Gems

“Welcome to the (Earth*Mama) Tea Party”: Conversation One

Model-muses personifying animals raging against BP oil, consumption and the desecration of mother earth. Told through the visual tale of Artesanal Recycled Thrift.

_MG_9026 _MG_9016  _MG_9199 _MG_9221    _MG_8979 _MG_8966